Bryan Martin Lives the Stories He Writes in New Album, Self Inflicted Scars


With a blue-collar, everyday working-class background, Bryan Martin lives the stories he writes. As a Cherokee Indigenous American country artist, those real-life emotions and experiences expressed in songs across his sophomore 12-track collection, Self Inflicted Scars. From the oil fields in Louisiana where he was a “roughneck” on the rigs, to pursuing his hobby of writing songs and learning to play guitar, this self-taught musician/songwriter is quickly becoming recognized as one of country music’s emerging new talents.

Listen/Stream  Self Inflicted Scars here.

The album’s most recent single, “Everyone’s An Outlaw,” has garnered praise from Jessica Nicholson at Billboard, saying: “crashing guitars and a Southern rock-soaked vocal lead this track…a promising cut from Martin’s second full-length album, Self Inflicted Scars.” By the same token, Rachel Cholst with The Boot commended, “finessing top 40 country sounds with the gritty distortion of outlaw country, [‘Everyone’s An Outlaw’] goes down easy amidst its message of defiance.”

“Songwriting has always just been a hobby – a passion,” says Bryan who is celebrating the success of one of the album’s singles, “Beauty In The Struggle,” which went viral on TikTok — with nearly two million views to date and over 13 million streams on Spotify alone. The song quickly hit the radar of music industry executives and tastemakers alike. “I started this for fun, but now I’m doing what I love for a living,” Bryan adds.

“It’s something I don’t think I could have ever dreamed of,” says Bryan about the song’s success. “I was at my lowest when I wrote it and I think somehow the pain I was feeling found its way into the listeners ears. Hopefully it healed them in the same way it healed me. It’s been life changing and overwhelming at times…but I couldn’t be more grateful to be finally catching a dream that was always just out of reach.”

Self Inflicted Scars — just the name may send you wandering, as it should,” says Bryan about the title of his new full-length album. “I’ve seen the deepest, darkest days and every time I’ve hit rock bottom I learned more about myself and life…mainly that I had no one else to blame but me, hence ‘Self Inflicted Scars.’ Through the album you’ll go on the same roller coaster I’ve been on; moving through love, heartbreak, self-destruction and redemption.”

Influenced by those traditional country music artists that he grew up listening to, Martin honed his songwriting and performance skills through the years. As a songwriter, his diverse catalog of songs numbers over 3,000 ranging from traditional country and  southern rock to outlaw country and country gospel.

Self Inflicted Scars Track Listing:
“Beauty In The Struggle”
 (Bryan Martin)
“Self Inflicted Scars” (Bryan Martin)
“Lost” (Bryan Martin)
“More Than The Shine” (Bryan Martin)
“Divided States” (Bryan Martin)
“Long As Daddy’s Working” (Bryan Martin)
“Whiskey And The Devil” (Bryan Martin)
“Over Hank It Feat. Colt Ford” (Bryan Martin, Colt Ford)
“Memory to Drown” (Bryan Martin)
“Everyone’s An Outlaw” (Bryan Martin)
“Lost (Old Henry Trailer Version)” (Bryan Martin)
“Beauty In The Struggle Feat. Craig Campbell” (Bryan Martin)

Listen/Stream  Self Inflicted Scars here.

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